A Feast for Sir Karl Johannes Germer

Karl Germer

Today is the Feast of Sir Karl Johannes Germer, and of Doctor Gérard Encausse, both Gnostic Saints.  Aleister Crowley designated Karl Germer as his successor as Outer Head of the Order; Germer took office upon Crowley’s death in 1947, serving in that position until his own passing in 1962. According to the Invisible Basilica website, “Gérard Encausse, usually known by his pseudonym ‘Papus,’ was a Spanish-born French physician, hypnotist, and popularizer of occultism.”

In honor of these saints, we’ll serve recipes for a German feast today, and a French feast tomorrow.


Learn more about Gérard Encausse from the Invisible Basilica of Sabazius.

Learn more about Karl Germer from Zero Equals Two.


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