Revelation and Research are in Rhyme

Here’s an excerpt from this weeks’ edition of Jason Miller’s Magick Newsletter:

There is a lot of friction in our community between research and revelation. So much so that some communities seem to treat them as separate streams that should never touch or intertwine. Research oriented practitioners are fast to dismiss UPG as worthless. On the other side of the extreme are Revelation oriented practitioners who do not want any kind of critical assessment applied to their experiences.

I believe in teachings from the spirits but I also believe in approaching whatever you receive with discernment and critical analysis.

I only teach things when I think that revelation and research are in rhyme. People who take my courses know that when I teach something that came from a vision or a spirit, I am meticulous about explaining the details of it, what I have gotten from it, and how it relates or conflicts with our current understanding of history.

So with that in mind, I have a modest proposal for a Post UPG Checklist.  I run through something similar to this anytime I get anything from any spirit or god. I share it with you in hopes that it gives some tools for intelligent conversation and parsing of important particulars. This is an ever evolving list, so if you have something you should be added, I am happy to hear it.



  • What, if anything, triggered the Revelation? Was in response to prayer or ritual or was it spontaneous?
  • Did this transmission happen during dream or while awake?
  • How prone are you to transmissions like this? Are spirits often communicating with you or is this an unusual occurrence?
  • If it happened while awake, was this an External appearance of some kind, an internal transmission, or an omen/synchronicity/ . Combinations of two or more?



  • Was the transmission primarily: audible, visual, olfactory, tactile, gustatory, or mental perception? .
  • How did the manifestation react with the physical?
    • Were objects moved or broken? If so, solid objects or more like candle flame and incense smoke?
    • Could you point to the manifestation in a room, or was it more of an overall presence?
    • If you looked away did the manifestation move with your eyes or did it stay in the same space?
  • Was there a device involved in the appearance like a scrying mirror, incense, or something designed to facilitate appearances of spirits?
    • If so, was the appearance contained to that device?
  • Did it manifest clearly to physical senses similar to a person standing next to you?
  • Did it manifest unclearly but still physical? Like you could not quite make it out while looking directly at it, but could see it from peripheral vision?
  • Did it manifest clearly but also illusory? More like the brain was apprehending something the eyes, ears, etc were not?
  • Did it manifest as unclearly and illusory, your mind apprehending something that was not present to your physical eyes, yet still leaving a sensory impression on the mind that was not quite clear?
  • If Audible, was the voice internal or external?
  • If the voice was external did it come from a specific direction or was it all around, you?
  • If the voice was internal, did it manifest as a clear voice or more as thoughts and inspirations?
  • How did you differentiate between the transmission and your own thoughts/probjections/imagination?
  • During the transmission could you still see or hear the normal world around you or was the physical world more or less replaced or subsumed by the spirits and transmission?



  • What parts of the body if any seemed effected or changed by the transmission?
    • How were they effected?
  • How did you discern between observation and imagination, or between what your perception and projection?
  • Was the transmission uncomfortable or painful in any way?
  • Was the transmission pleasurable or elating in any way?
  • Were you able to perceive and function normally during the transmission or were you cut off from the physical?



  • Were you aware that you were dreaming during the dream?
    • If so did you try to change the dream or simply go with what the dream presented?
  • Were you using any dream yoga or oneiric techniques to enhance dreaming?
  • Were you using chemicals like Melatonin, Huperzine A, Varenicline, etc that might effect your dreams?
  • Was the dream sparked by rituals or attempts at contact or was it spontaneous?
  • Was the dream about something you read/watched/contemplated/experienced lately?
  • How clearly do you recall the dream?
  • Did you stay asleep after the dream or did you wake up immediately after the transmission?
  • What time of night did the dream happen?
  • What stage in sleep did it occur:
    • Close to when you fell asleep?
    • Mid-cycle?
    • Close to your normal wake up time?
  • What factors make this stand out as an important dream vs an ordinary dream?



  • Does this transmission a response to questions asked or issues you are having?
  • If it was an answer to a question did the answer surprise you or challenge you?
  • What specifically was communicated?
  • Does this communication tell you anything you did not know already?
  • This this communication challenge your current view/information?
  • Does this communication feed your ego or play into things that you already think and believe?
  • Is this communication directly related to things you have recently read/seen/experienced?
  • Does this communication give something actionable to do?
    • Does that action make sense when considered among other factors?
    • Is this an action you are willing and able to undertake?
  • Is there information that is verifiable through non-magical or non-psychic means?
  • Are there synchronicities or coincidences that resonate with the nature of the transmission, but do not outright confirm it directly?
  • Does the transmission seem to be in accord with what we know of the history/nature or this being?
    • If it differs, is there a reason why?
  • Is this a being I have communicated with previously?
    • If so did they prove reliable in the past?

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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