Interview w David Hertzberg – Composer/Librettist of “The Wake World” Opera

Thelema Now welcomes composer David Hertzberg!   At the end of the interview, please listen to Mr. Hertzberg’s original composition Meditation Boreale. Composer in Residence David Hertzberg and director R.B. Schlather take visitors on a fantastic journey through the treasured galleries of… Continue Reading

New Performance From Bornless – Liber VII & 12th Æthyr of the Vision and the Voice Excerpt

The latest piece from Bornless, a project exploring spoken word performances of Thelemic texts and minimalist ambient music based in Ireland, and featuring individuals associated with associated with Cúchulainn Oasis , Ordo Templi Orientis, is a meditative and passionate performance – delivered… Continue Reading

“Fire of Motion,” The Book Containing The Proceedings of NOTOCON X Being Released At Notocon XI

Dr. Richard Kaczynski recently posted to his FB page regarding the publication of a new book of Notocon proceedings: “Fire of Motion,” the proceedings of NOTOCON X (Austin, 2015), will be launched at this year’s NOTOCON in Orlando, FL, on August 11-13… Continue Reading