Zoroastrian Temple Opens in New York State.

USA Today reports on a new Zorostrian temple opening in New York state. The article says:

“The gleaming square building with an impressive colonnaded portico is the Dar-e-Mehr Zoroastrian Temple, or DMZT. It is the meeting place and sanctuary for some 1,000 followers of Zoroastrian faith from across the tri-state area.

“Zoroastrianism is believed to be one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions, dating back some 4,000 years to Persia, modern-day Iran. Before there were Christians and Muslims and Jews, there were Zarathushtis, as its followers are called, after their prophet Zarathustra. Scholars believe the Magi who came to honor the baby Jesus in Bethlehem were Zoroastrian priests from Persia.”

There has recently been a revival of interest in this ancient religion in the wake of the persecution of numerous religious and ethnic groups by Daeshe, the violent Muslim group occupying part of the Middle East who’ve claimed to have establish a caliphate.


Zoroastiran temple


thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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