YouTube Interview with Rich Kaczynski on Prog Rock And Western Magical Traditions

Research Scientist, musician, occultist and notably the world’s leading expert on Aleister Crowley, Dr. Richard Kaczynski , joined Joshua Leon on his YouTube interview series “The Magick Note.”

Said K regarding this interview “Our wide-ranging conversation covered psychological well-being during the pandemic; what are Thelema, Scientific Illuminism, Western esotericism, and the idea of “disenchantment”; how both humour and prog rock can expand our consciousness by challenging our assumptions; and the value of being open to new insights and experiences.”

Said L: “I attempt to pick his brains on the Western Magickal Tradition, Progressive Rock music and other musings. Dr. Kaczynski shares his insights on the importance of mindfulness & psychological well-being (especially during these challenging times), his experienced integration of magickal practices into daily life, intense dedication for Prog Rock and the importance of incorporating humour. His logical, investigative and satirical approach makes this an enjoyable treat for those interested or curious about these subjects.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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