Yale Law Professor and Born Again Pagan, Anthony Kronman

The New Yorker recently ran a profile on Anthony Kronman, a highly accomplished and successful professional and longtime self-identified Pagan who has spent years working on a modern, working model of Pagan theology. This has now been published as Confessions of A Born-Again Pagan. The article starts out:

“Anthony Kronman, age seventy-one, may be the world’s most fulfilled man. A professor at Yale Law School for thirty-eight years, he has a happy marriage and four children. He swims a mile every day and is an expert fisherman with rod and spear. He lives in an impeccably decorated house worthy of Architectural Digest. He has written six books, about law, legal ethics, and education, and, last year, published his seventh, an eleven-hundred-page exploration of his personal theology, called “Confessions of a Born-Again Pagan.” By integrating the ideas of many of the world’s great thinkers—Aristotle, Aquinas, Augustine, Spinoza, and others—he has found ‘a third way, beyond atheism and religion, to the God of the modern world.’ He suspects that he might have found the meaning of life.”

Read the entire article here


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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