Vice Asks Women What They Find Attractive

A couple at a cocktail bar.

When it comes to what women like, society makes a lot of assumptions. A Google search of “What do women want?” brings up titles like “What Women Really Want,” “Listen Up, Men! Here’s What Women REALLY Want From You,” “What Do Women Want?: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire,” “25 Things Women Wish Men Knew,” “Traits Attractive Women Look For In A Man,” and so on. Do these help? One assumes not, given that so many people are still asking.

But let’s be honest. There are a number of heteronormative and binary assumptions in there. Not all women are even looking for a man. Many women seek what they think they are supposed to want, rather than thinking it through. Women are not a monolith all looking for the same thing. As Vice says, “We’re all into different people. And thank God. Otherwise only like 1% of humans would ever get laid.”

Women Explain What They Find Attractive.


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