Witches Get NY Times Seal of Approval

Wow! NY Times getting down with the occult scene these days! There was that admiring piece on the Gede Fet and here’s a very positive piece on Witches! You’d figger O.T.O. could get some editorial space if we weren’t all still so deep in the broomcloset. Here’s an excerpt:

“Today, there might be no need to sneak around. Real witches are roaming among us, and they’re seemingly everywhere.

“Haven’t you noticed?

“Witches are your millennial co-workers doing tarot card readings on their lunch breaks, and professional colleagues encouraging you to join them for a New Moon ceremony aimed at “career success.” (This happened to me the other day.)

“Witches are panelists, they are podcasters, they are members of The Wing (which calls itself a “coven”), they are in-house residents at swanky Manhattan hotels and some might say that one is even a presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson. (Alyssa Milano, of “Charmed” fame, recently fund-raised for Williamson. Coincidence?)”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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