William Seabrook: An Alcoholic Takes The Cure

William Seabrook, image by Luke Forster

William Seabrook, image by Luke ForsterThe London Review of Books reports: “Dover Press has reissued William Seabrook’s 1934 memoir Asylum, an account of his self-committal to a mental hospital in an attempt to cure his chronic alcoholism. Seabrook, who committed suicide in 1945, is probably most famous now for introducing the zombie to American popular culture in 1929, but he was also a bestselling journalist, travel writer, pulp anthropologist, Great War veteran, primitivist, sadomasochist, occultist, and fellow traveller among the Modernists in New York, London and Paris.”

The Man Who Brought Zombies to America.

Cannibals, Zombies, and Hexes on Hitler: The Life and Times of William Seabrook.

Illustration of William Seabrook by Luke Forster.



  1. The illustration that has been used above was drawn by myself and has been used without my approval.
    I would appreciate it if you credited me as the illustrator.
    Luke Forster.

    • Dear Luke
      Sorry about the omission. Glad you brought this to our attention. The post has been updated stating Illustration of William Seabrook by Luke Forster.
      Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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