William Blake’s Visionary London

Art by Louisa Albani

Coming June 20 to Keats House in London, England, author and lecturer David Fallon will present “William Blake’s Visionary London: ‘a Human awful wonder of God!'” According to the event listing:

Blake is London’s revolutionary prophet. He spent almost all of his life in the city, which was both the inspiration for his visionary poetry and artworks and a recurrent subject in them. Blake’s way of seeing London was uniquely imaginative, visionary, and transformative: his works communicate his sense that the streets of London open out into Eternity. This talk by Dr David Fallon will trace Blake’s life as it intertwined with the dramatic historical events the city witnessed during his lifetime and explore the different ways he represented the mighty city in all its horror and grandeur.

Admission to the lecture costs £4.50. David Fallon is Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Roehampton and author of Blake, Myth, and Enlightenment: The Politics of Apotheosis. You can read more about his accomplishments at academia.edu.

The art borrowed for this article is by Louisa Albani, whose art exhibition “William Blake’s Mystic Map of London” displays June 6-26 at Keats House.

You may register here: William Blake’s Visionary London: ‘a Human awful wonder of God!’


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