William Blake Lodge’s Massathon 2017

Click to see Registration for Massapalooza at William Blake Lodge

Dunno if anyone else has mentioned it, but William Blake Lodge in Baltimore, MD is putting on their annual Massathon! Previous years included themed masses, classes, and the deep immersion of a weekend in Liber XV that is only felt when you do a full-on multi-day series of Gnostic Masses with the Sisters and the Brothers!

Don’t miss it! Registration is here:

William Blake Lodge Massapalooza Registration


Rufus Opus

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  1. This year’s Massathon will feature not only Gnostic Masses, but also a chocolate sigil workshop by Sr. Gimel, other workshops TBA, a field trip to enjoy the beginning of Baltimore Craft Brew Week, and much more! The schedule is being drafted over Labor Day Weekend. We’re expecting guests from all around the US, and maybe even from other nations. Thanks for the mention, RO!

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