William Blake Exhibition at Tate Britian

Jerusalem by William Blake
Albion Rose

Albion Rose

William Blake’s 1809 art exhibition wasn’t terribly successful. That may have been because it was in a tiny location over his family’s hosiery shop. Starting this September, however, Tate Britain will present “over 300 original watercolours, paintings and prints — as well as recreating the cramped domestic room in which Blake put his reputation on the line,” reports Londonist, adding “The Spiritual Form of Nelson Guiding Leviathan and The Spiritual Form of Pitt Guiding Behemoth are digitally enlarged and projected onto a gallery wall — on the huge scale that Blake intended them to be painted.”

William Blake: The Artist is at Tate Britain from 11 September 2019-2 February 2020. Tickets £18 (£17 concessions) available now.


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