Why Magic Might Not Work

Here’s another thought provoking yet pragmatic contemplation of practical magical practice from our old pal Inominandum for your reading pleasure.

“If you managed to ingest any news this week outside of politics and the horrendous flood in Texas you may have run across this story about  Dawn Bennett, a radio host accused of a Ponzi scheme and the mason jars from her apartment suggest she, ‘had many times cast a “hoodoo spell” in hopes of magically silencing the SEC attorneys investigating [her].’ They found instructions for the Beef Tongue Spell where you place the links to the target in the tongue and freeze it.

“A student of mine, while her crimes were heinous, wanted to know why her spell didn’t work. Another student noted that many peoples answer to that would be ‘god said no’. That may be some peoples answer, but I think its kind of a cop out.

“From the Strategic Sorcery standpoint there were three things factors at play here:

“1. Wrong Spell. Its a spell to silence someone, not confuse, jinx or arise victorious over someone. At the point that the SEC is investigating, its too late to shut people up. Better off doing some old fashioned court case work, confusion work, or work to hid yourself. All three really.

“2. Her magic may yet work. She isn’t done yet. The investigation is still going on. Her magic is aimed at the Lawyers. We have yet to see the results.

“3. Magic is an influence, it influences a situation in your favor but if the odds are overwhelming or if you face an opponent that is determined to keep coming at you then they will eventually have some luck.

“The situation reminds me of the case of Minnie Pearl Thomas in 1999. She used Hoodoo to hide herself from the law but was eventually busted. The news mocked her magic because she was busted in the end, but the investigators actually had to admit that it held them off for a while.

“‘Some of the things we tried to do didn’t work. The mojo was on us,’ said Jeff Duncan, a Milledgeville police officer attached to the task force.

“Wilkinson County sheriff’s investigator Heath Bache explained that mysterious glitches nearly derailed the investigation. Batteries died in two-way radios. Video cameras quit working. While doing surveillance one day on a drug deal across usually deserted train tracks, the agents got a surprise.

“‘A train came through right in the middle of a deal,’ Bache said. ‘Working that case, it had me wondering. Because everything that could go wrong did go wrong. She was a strange bird.’

“Read the whole story here: http://www.southern-spirits.com/schanche-georgia-rootwork.html?fref=gc&dti=299867900186007&utm_source=Newsletter+list&utm_campaign=362db5dab1-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_09_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f11955a6ac-362db5dab1-85417685

“Unfortunately Minnie placed so much faith in her magic that she his her drugs in plain sight and made many other moves that her magic eventually could not shield her from.

“So remember: Make sure that your mundane actions do not contradict your magical efforts. Realize that magic is an influence on a situation – not the single determining factor. And really try not to piss of the SEC.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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