Why you should practice mindful sex

A dreamy face in the clouds

If you’re a sexual person, and especially if you’re a sex magician, you want to be present and aware for any sexual encounter. Practicing mindful sex is one way to get beyond the daily distractions from the Great Work. In Metro, Rebecca Reid says:

Sometimes during sex it’s normal to find your mind wandering. Even if the sex is gratifying, for people with busy lives and lots to think about, it can be hard to completely check out. You might fancy the pants off the person you’re in bed with, but that doesn’t automatically prevent the ‘Oh s**t, we need bin liners and broccoli’ realisation, which pulls you away from your sexual ecstasy and back into every day life.

Reid also suggests watching this TED Talk about the power of mindful sex.

What is mindful sex and why is it a good idea?


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