Why Sex Workers Need Web Access

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red candy hearts on a laptop keyboardVice magazine reports that web access is essential to sex workers, not just to find clients, but also for safety. “One of the most basic elements of sex worker safety is client screening. It’s essential to make sure that anyone you agree to see is actually the person they claim to be, and that you’re not endangering your health and safety merely by being in the same hotel room with them. Though some escorts rely on sex work-specific sites that maintain ‘bad date’ lists of potentially dangerous clients, others make use of more mainstream sources to gather information about and verify the identities of potential johns.”

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are ways to scope out a potential client anonymously. Services like Google Voice allow sex workers to separate their business personae from their private lives. Some web pay sites make it unnecessary to carry large sums of cash.

Why Sex Workers Need the Web to Stay Safe.



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