Who and What is Magic For?

Here’s an interesting bit of rumination from the Stratetic Sorcery newsletter:

“Witchcraft is for the marginalized”
“Magic is for achieving your True Will not for getting what you want”
“You don’t do magic to lead a life that looks like everyone elses'”
“I miss the days when Magic was underground”

I could go on but you get the idea. Someone is always trying to tell you who and what magic is for, and by implication who it’s not for. I enjoy a hot cup of righteous smugness as much as the next guy, but I can tell you for sure who and what magic is for:

Whoever You Are and Whatever You Want.

For the Marginalized? True. But what happens when magic makes them less marginalized? Are they no longer entitled? Also the mainstream and the powerful? Magic is for them too. They use it A LOT and many consider it integral to keeping whatever power and influence they have.

For True Will? Sure. Also for the willpower that you will need to enact that True Will. And also for things that are just good for you and your world. And sadly also for things that are super petty and shitty as well. I may not LIKE that people use magic to curse people over arguments in Doctor Who Fandom groups – but they do, and magic is for that as much as it is for anything.

A life that looks like everyone else’s? Actually, I know a lot of people who use magic primarily for that exact reason. People of Color, people without money, people with disabilities, LGBT people… For some people, a life where who they are is considered normal takes a lot of magic.

Miss when magic was underground? Part of me does too. Same with Alternative and Punk music that now gets used in commercials. But then I come to my senses. realize that it’s actually great that good stuff gets out there, and that those artists that I love are getting fat residuals from those commercials. It’s the same with magic.

So Strategerati, oppressed or privileged, at the margins or in the mainstream, Sorcery is available to you for will, want, or whim. Don’t buy into anyone telling you any different.

You can look into the various lessons and other services offered by Stragetic Sorcery mastermind Jason Miller:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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