Where Stonehenge’s Sarsens Came From

England’s Independent recently ran a news story about archaeologists pinpointing the area that the stones the Neolithic ceremonial site came from. The story begins:

“Archaeologists have solved one of Stonehenge’s greatest mysteries — the precise source of the world-famous prehistoric temple’s largest stones.

“A new scientific breakthrough has, for the first time, allowed geologists to pinpoint almost exactly where Stonehenge’s giant stone uprights and lintels came from.

“Up until now, all that archaeologists knew with reasonable certainty was that the stones (a type of rock known as sarsen) had been brought in around 2500BC by the great temple’s Neolithic builders from the Marlborough Downs or immediately adjacent areas — a 75 sq miles area, 15-25 miles north of Stonehenge.

“But now scientists from the University of Brighton have traced the stones to a small very specific two sq mile part of that range of hills — a patch of woodland just south of the village of Lockeridge, Wiltshire.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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