When Magic Works…. Technically?

I have argued before and will argue again, that magic works more mechanistically than people think. People will do magic to get a job and wind up with a job that they hate, yet think that somehow they have to take the job or keep the job because “The spirits know I need it” or “magic wouldn’t deliver me somewhere I am not meant to be” or some other kind of thing like that. If this is your way of getting through life, I leave you to it, but if I wanted to swallow whatever the Gods or Spirits want for me I wouldn’t bother with Sorcery. If I do magic to get a job and the job sucks, I do new magic and refine what I am looking for! Sure, the first bit of magic worked according to the letter, but that doesn’t mean I have to accept that result.

I’ve talked a lot about this in the past, but as the world gets increasingly complex, so too are the ways that magic can manifest.  Ways that can fake you out, or even get you in trouble if you accept them.

Andrew Watt, reminded me of this when he shared the following blog post about magic to win the lottery. You should read his post because he makes excellent points ( Andrew is always a wealth of insightm helpfulness, and wisdom) in it, but what is important here is that he did magic to get winning lottery tickets. He got two! Well into five figures! The problem is that they were revealed to be joke tickets.  Magic worked…. technically.

There was of course no harm or foul here. A cool experience to show that magic works even if it did not deliver a huge payday. Last year though another student of mine was doing some heavy wealth magic. He wrote me to say that his offerings worked wonders because he got a settlement check in the mail from somewhere that he never even worked! I dropped what I was doing and said “DO NOT CASH THAT CHECK – IT’S A SCAM”.

He already cashed it, but because I warned him he didn’t spend the money and contacted his bank. He told me: “I just figured the magic was working”. It was kind of. He was enchanting for money that his life was not really set up to provide, so the magic DID in fact make the money appear in his account – just not for long.

I saw a wealth magic group on FB last week where someone reported a bank error in their coinbase wallet that gave them millions for a few seconds. Everyone is very excited and is now trying to fifgure out how to make the bank errors permenant. I wish them luck. but its not where I would put my effort.

This doesn’t just happen with money, it can be anything. When I was 23 I had a terrible toothache, so I did a spell from a Galdabok (Icelandic Grimoire) to make the pain go away. It worked! The pain did go away. It stayed away too. Even when the tooth exploded in my mouth while eating popcorn at the movie theatre, it didn’t really hurt. When I went to the bathroom to clean up the blood and shards to tooth…. still very little pain. Unfortunately the underlying causes never went away so I lost a tooth. Thankfully the wisdom tooth that came in under it lined up pretty well.

So what gives? Are Christians right and demons will always twist what we want? No.
Is this spirits telling us they give us what we need not what we want? No.
It’s just magic working according to what we asked for, the effort we put behind the ask, and the path of least resistance.
It’s that simple.

If you want to get better results that change your life for the better, make your life more enchantable by working for what you want in ALL ways, not just magical.

Magic is an influence on minds and events. Do everything in your power to make sure the minds and events you are infliuencing are worthy of the magic you are throwing at them and you will go far!

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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