What Happens When We Die?

Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter:

What Happens When We Die? 

I get asked this a fair amount. I am ordained clergy in two different religions, and have been consorting with spirits for over 30 years, but so far the truest and best answer to this question I have ever heard came from Keanu Reeves.

““I know the ones who love us will miss us”
– Keanu Reeves

You might think I should have a better answer than that, but I really don’t. I can tell you what different religions and mystical traditions say happens when we die. I can tell you what different Gods and Spirits have revealed to me about it. But the fact is that I don’t know with any confidence. The world of the occult is filled with maps and theories, some giving great detail about what happens after death, but the more sure anyone sounds about their afterlife scenario, the less I am interested in what they have to say. I doubt what I have been told about it by both men and spirits.

This is another example of my whole “Head, Heart, Hand” thing, I think magic and religion have been fairly terrible about telling us hard verifyable facts about the cosmos, so I have no reason to think anyone has the guaranteed truth on something that I cannot verify until I am dead.

I am actually trained in a system of yoga to control where I eject my consciousness out the top of my head into a desired realm of rebirth. I practiced this until I literally bled out the top of my skull, but as of right now, I am not going to do it. I know that it does something, but I am not confident that anyone knows the whole process well enough to map it in that detail.

So what do I plan to do? I plan to meet death the same way I meet everything that is unknown: with as much calm, clarity, and curiousity as I can manage. If I am in a position to meditate, I will. If I get hit by a bus, then what happens happens. I am no more worries by the millenia after my demise than I am the millenia before my birth.

Death has been a great teacher to me about life, and hopefully just maintaining the way I live will be a sufficient teaching for meating death.

Just not any time soon 🙂

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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