What Does Research Say About Furry Fandom?

Malmö, Sweden - August 6, 2016: Three people at Malmö Pride Parade dressed as carton animals often referred as Furry fandom.

In Psychology Today, Michael Aaron, PhD, interviews Courtney Plante, PhD. about furry fandom. Dr. Plante “…is a research psychologist, co-founder, and lead analyst of the International Anthropomorphic Research Project (IARP)—a team of social scientists who study identity development, stigma, and inter-group/inter-species dynamics in the furry fandom. He presented original research on the furry fandom community, specifically who they are, what they believe, and what draws them to join this unique subculture.”

Dr. Plante’s research debunks many common misconceptions about furry fandom. Contrary to what many people believe, furries are not necessarily all interested in the sexual aspect of their fandom. Rather, they are part of a participatory fandom like those revolving around anime, science fiction, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and so on. Some costume for their fandom, and some don’t.

More Than Just a Pretty Face: Unmasking Furry Fandom.


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