Western Learned Magic as an Entangled Tradition

Ruhr University recently played host to a workshop led by Bernd-Christian Otto  on “Western Learned Magic as an Entangled Tradition.” The University’s website explains

“The workshop explores the textual-ritual tradition of ‘Western learned magic’ from an interdisciplinary, longue-durée and cross-cultural perspective. As the study of ‘Western learned magic’ has hitherto been scattered across different fields of research, the workshop assembles eight acclaimed scholars in the field who have worked on relevant source material from antiquity to the 21st century.

“All contributions strive for interpreting the material from a comparative perspective and with a particular focus on ritual dynamics, thus highlighting intercultural and religious routes of transmission as well as fascinating types of ‘entangled rituals’. The contributions will be published in a special issue of Entangled Religions, guest-edited by Bernd-Christian Otto.”

Well! That’s a publication to look forward to!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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