Western Esotericism at the American Academy of Religion

In just a few days the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, probably the largest gathering of scholars of religion in the world, will start in San Diego.  This year, the Western Esotericism Group is offering three sessions, featuring research on three thematic topics: “Western Esotericism in the African-American Religious Experience,” “Lived Esotericism: A Focus on the Shift between Narratives, Practices, and Experiences in Western Esotericism,” and “Imaginative Narratives, Rituals and Practices in Esotericism,” the last a joint offering from the Western Esotericism group and the Esotericism and Mysticism group of the Society of Biblical Literature.

I’ll be at the AAR this weekend, and will be posting updates here of interest to Zero Equals Two readers, both from the Western Esotericism group and other research groups at the conference.  Stay tuned . . . .


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