Volume 7 of Lightning Flash of Alef Series

David Chaim Smith posted on FB:

The next volume of Lightning Flash of Alef Series (vol. 7) is based on an ongoing project called “The Long Scroll” that I have been working on in one form another for 27 years. I have created many versions of the scroll, but the one that I am using in the book is a 9 section version (derived from the notes posted here). It is slightly different from the 13 section version I used for the video commentaries posted on youtube. The goal is a great simplification and clarification of how the material is presented. The book should be released sometime late in 2023. We are all very excited about it.
Volume 7 will also provide some unusual and powerful practices that are central to this work. These practices are described in great detail based on my own experience, and should prove quite valuable to anyone interested in this style of mystical contemplation and all related disciplines involving Kabbalah (and Cabala, and Qabbalah).
Many of the ideas and symbolic configuations used in Volume 7 are described in “The 32 Keys”, which can be considered an introduction to this more complex work. It is truly a pleasure to see this lifetime of material coming to fruition!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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