Vol. 1, No. 10 of the Keep Silence Edition of The Equinox Now Available

Vol. 1, No. 10 of the Keep Silence edition of The Equinox is now available for purchase. With this all of Volume 1 is available in print!

This issue contains items of particular interest to O.T.O. initiates: “In Memoriam – John Yarker” an announcement of John Yarker’s death including proceedings of a meeting of the heads of the Antient and Primitive Rite wherein Crowley was appointed Patriarch Grand Administrator General under Grand Master Henry Meyer. Later in the issue is published “The Ship: A Mystery Play” which Crowley claims authorship of using his new title P.G.M. in addition to the title “Saint”. This work retells the Masonic myth from a thelemic perspective with certain aspects having special meaning for O.T.O. initiates and it is the source of the most commonly used anthem of the Gnostic Mass.

Also of note in this issue: a second version of the typeset of The Book of the Law, LIBER L. VEL LEGIS, the first had only been printed privately in “ΘΕΛΗΜΑ”; “The Supreme Ritual” a text that Crowley pseudonymously attributes to an antient adept that Weishaupt had been interested in; “A Syllabus of the Official Instructions of A∴A∴” which lists various texts, categorizing them into classes and describes the reasons for ascribing certain numbers to them; LIBER BATRACHOPHRENOBOOCOSMOMACHIA, an instruction in expansion of the field of the mind.

The last half of #10’s 593 pages is dedicated to Crowley’s translation of Levi’s “LA CLEF DES GRANDS MYSTERES” (THE KEY OF THE MYSTERIES), which Crowley informs us “may be regarded as written by [Levi] as his Thesis for the Grade of Exempt Adept, just as his Ritual and Dogma was his Thesis for the grade of Major Adept.”

The digital version is available online at https://keepsilence.org/the-equinox/

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