Virtual Presentation: Three Agnostics: Crowley, Neuburg, Fuller, and the Origins of the Thelemic Movement

Richard Kaczynski made this announcement on his FB page:

This Saturday, June 20, at noon EST, Knights Templar Oasis (USGL) will host my virtual presentation “Three Agnostics: Crowley, Neuburg, Fuller, and the Origins of the Thelemic Movement”

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Left: “General Relationship of the Elements of War” from J. F. C. Fuller, (1926). Right: The Tree of Life, drawn by Fuller for his book : (1925).

Interesting observations (in case there isn’t time during the presentation):

“Force” is in the position of כֶּתֶר (Crown), the Primum Mobile i.e., the source of motion/action.

The polarity of חכמה (Wisdom) and בינה (Understanding) for Fuller becomes “Imagination” and “Reason.”

In the position of חֶסֶד (Lovingkindness) we find the “Moral” sphere.

For גבורה (Strength), also commonly known as פחד (fear), we find “Fear” itself.

For תִּפְאֶרֶת (Beauty), the “heart” of the Tree of Life, corresponding in the A∴A∴ to the grade of Adeptus Minor and the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, we find “Will” (Θελημα = 93).

“Protective power” resides in the position of נצח (Eternity/Victory), the base of the Pillar of Mercy.

Likewise, for הוד (Splendour), base of the Pillar of Severity, we find “Offensive Power.”

At יסוד (Foundation), attributed to the generative organs, we find “Courage.” Fitting, I suppose, given the testosterone-oriented term “ballsy.”

Finally, at מלכות (Kingdom), the ultimate manifestation of the Primum Mobile, we find “Movement”: Thus we complete the circuit from Prime Mover to Movement.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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