Vintage Morbid Erotica

Soror Amy forwarded this link to the always-thought-provoking culture outlet (whose editor was one of the editors for Disinformation!). This is a selection of and cheeky contemplation of vintage erotica featuring living ladies and skeletons (one’d presume male but it’s hard to tell so if you prefer to think them female, be our guest). Here’s an excerpt:

“So, here for our enjoyment and possible edification are some intriguing pictures of women and skeletons. ‘What’s going on here?’ you may ask. Well, quite a lot actually. These vintage photographs and postcards of women dancing and flirting with skeletons are more than mere momento mori or snapshots of ladies at carnivals having a jolly wheeze in the face of death—they are in some respects quite transgressive.

“Some of these pictures were intended as, well, shall we say, ‘educational erotica’ giving the viewer a frisson of arousal while at the same time battering them on the head with the salutary warning that the wrong kind of boner could lead to disease and death. Something those Decadent artists used to bang (ahem) on about in their paintings.”

Read the whole piece and see all the pics here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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