Vintage Audio of Necronomicon Presentation

Cool! Someone posted what is purportedly a tape recording of Peter Lavenda discussing the Necronomicon, specifically the book compiled, edited and added to by a number of New York based occultists in the 1970’s, utilizing copies of ancient Middle Eastern texts. Scholars would likely argue as to how ancient some of these texts were, at least the versions used would be and likely most of the “history” that Mr. Lavenda states in the introduction to this presentation. Nonetheless, an impressive and potent mythology was spun around the publication of this Necronomicon (at one point the best selling occult title in America) and a number of practitioners who used formulae found in it, reported very powerful affects. Anyway, chomp down some ‘shrooms, get out yr Cthulhu plushie, click the link and get jiggy!

This is a rare copy of a recording released by Magickal Childe Books, the imprint of the legendary bookstore. It’s narrated by Peter Levenda, one of the editors of the Necronomicon, who appeared in public as “Simon”. The tape gives instructions on how to properly use the text. I should add that I’m not narrator at the beginning. That would be “Frater Ashnook”, who ran classes on how to use the Necronomicon online. He’s the one who found this and made it available.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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