Video Art Ritual By Monet Clark LiveStreaming This Saturday

Just got a note from Video, Photographic & Performance Artist Clairvoyant & Energetic Healer Monet Clark about her latest Video Art Ritual:
“This Saturday 5/23/20 you are invited to enter the liminal space of NOW, A Video Art Ritual, through a livestream presentation on SUPERMOON 4. Through your breath, your intentions, wishes and presence, access NOW’s campy altered states and potentize its catharsis & healing. SUPERMOON 4 Is “a surrealist’s paradise…public-access-on-mescaline” (Shana Nys Dambrot, LA Weekly) live stream show. Curated by artist Liz Walsh, its brought to you by LAST Projects gallery. Showtime is 9-11pm PST and NOW goes on around 10pm gallery.

“Now eco-feminist performance video collaboration between myself & John Sanborn, was shot and performed on Malibu cliffs and in fire ravaged forests of Northern California. My script for the two opposing characters, sarcastic Haute Goth Catharsis and vamp valkyrie Yogini Perspicacious, reflects the interactions between my collaborator and I regarding spirituality and ritual while making the piece. It also reflects our affinities with aspects of both characters, and the dualities in all of us.

“LA Weekly highlighted the show again and offered also a link on Twitch as well as You Tube.

“LAST Projects hosts the fourth and final SUPERMOON Transmissions, a live broadcast series from interdisciplinary artist Liz Walsh, who in supplementing her gallery exhibition has been curating the most exceptionally eccentric short-form magazine-style line-ups of music, performance art, off-beat mediations, unlikely how-twos, poetry, and general digital psychedelia. Saturday, May 23, 9-11 p.m.”

Live stream here:’

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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