Video on Chained Libraries

I think most of y’all will agree that ceremonial magicians, especially of the Thelemic stripe, are stone-bibliophiles. Thus I think at lot of folks will go SQUEE checking out this little video documentary of a facility dating to the 17th century where books were bound to the shelves by locked chains, and can only be accessed via key. MAN, I wish our Local Body had this sort of a set up! We’d have a couple dozen more books in our libes than we do at present!

The intro to the video says:

“…chained libraries did exist: in the Middle Ages books were a relatively rare and therefore valuable commodity. Chaining books to shelves became the most wide-spread and effective security system in libraries across Europe.

“The largest surviving chained library in the world is at Hereford Cathedral in the UK, where all the books are still kept under lock and key in their original chains. It has been rebuilt in its original arrangement, exactly as it had been from 1611 to 1841.”

Read the whole thing and view the video!

thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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