video of Peter Duchemin’s Dramatic Reading at Trans States 2 Conference

Here’s a link to video of Peter Duchemin’s dramatic reading at Trans States 2 Conference of “The Castle of Birds.”

The Castle of Birds The Castle of Birds is an oral poem/story about language, order, and transformation. It is about the rise and fall of towers, and about power and its modalities. An agitated wizard, by tampering with the world-words, unleashes a monstrous social order. Subsequent generations are left to recover from ruination by means of a restorative bird-magic. It is a fable about societal metamorphoses that resonates with Gebser’s Ever Present Origin. The extended, mediated world is ever so fragile, ever so fragmented: let us build a Castle out of Birds.

a6rax1s (Peter Duchemin, PhD) is a currently human, transdisciplinary artist and thinker with a Canadian passport who lives in Hong Kong. His interests are wide ranging, but deal largely with the interplay between the virtual and actual and between practice and theory. Time and metamorphosis are key themes that he is interested in developing, and these themes often draw on esoteric praxes for both their inspiration and their content.

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