Video of Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule’s Presentation at Trans States 2

Here’s video of another presentation from last year’s Trans States 2 Conference – Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule’s The Tower Crashes: Esezuzus, a performative presentation. The site’s description says:

“The Tower Crashes: Esezuzus A talk about the gnosis associated with the symbolism in The Blasted Tower tarot card (Arcana XVI) and how it relates to the fragmentation of language in the myth of the Sumerian Tower of Babel. Mostly a talk but with a performative aspect, this presentation will poetically (and with a mixture of profundity and absurdity) break down language itself as it progressively becomes a self-referential example of its own subject in multi-lingual glossolalic ecstasis: The ecstasy of new tongues becoming flesh.

“As the Word (made flesh) ‘Language’ itself comes from French Langue meaning tongue (the organ) they are really one, and can only thus be differentiated or split by speaking/acting with Forked Tongue (dividing the concept and its means). Yet the classic ‘forked tongue’ of the apparently deceitful (in christian mythology) serpent is in the physical actuality of the snake not an organ of speech but of pure vibration- snakes sense vibrations from sound using a kind of sonar by flicking their forked tongues out -it is a receptive rather than active organ of sound/vibration. It is actually only humans who speak with forked tongue, for duality (the nature of language) begets lies, no meaning is one-pointed, absolute.

“Only pure glossolalia or wordless song -sound/vibration devoid of conscious meaning- is True. Drawing also from Orryelle’s piece in Scarlet Imprint’s ‘XVI’ collection, the Tower as a symbol of human arrogance and its collapse in this age of ecological crisis are addressed. The magical archetypes of Babalon and the Beast are also referenced, in relation to the Revelations of the Apocalypse (a word itself relating to ‘Unveiling’), including relevant verse from Orryelle’s transmission ‘The Book of Going Back by Night’ (Twilight Productions 2014).

“Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule is an esoteric artist in many media, including painting, writing, sculpture, sound, film and performance art. He is the writer-director of Australian-originating Metamorphic Ritual Theatre Company who have presented many major original productions based in (and updating/mutating) various ancient mythos; and the creator of the Tela Quadrivium book web from Fulgur (Conjunctio, Coagula, Solve, Distillatio) and The Book of Kaos Tarot (iNSPiRALink.Multimedia Press). Orryelle is interested in the ensoulment of objects through aesthetic obsession; the merging of mental, spiritual and emotional relationships with creativity, in the vanguard of the current resurgence of the esoteric in art with its processes of re-enchantment. The interplay of the figurative/representational and the abstract, the organic and ’synthetic’ (inc. the actual and the virtual) are aspects of these explorations, which aim to delve below the surface of things. His current major project is the creation of a magical sculpture park at his ‘Le Chalet Crepuscule’ in the Ardennes forest, Belgium, where he is also holding ritual gatherings on some of the major Sabbats.”

Have a look:

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