Video Lecture by Carl Abrahamsson on the Anima Mundi

Author, artist, publisher etc. Carl Abrahamsson (who apparently is running around Atlantic City at the moment), posted a lecture on Vimeo a week ago for paid playback. The Vimeo page states:

“Is there such a thing as a ‘world soul’?’ The concept of an ‘anima mundi’ has followed us through history in various cultural and regional guises and seems unwilling to disappear. Whereas physiological, mental, cultural and other developments constantly morph based on adaption to our biospheric demands, the concept of a world soul has taken on new descriptive forms but seems to remain essentially the same. Who or what can teach us about these things today? We can of course read and study and wallow through tons of learned regurgitations of other regurgitations, with further footnotes to drastically add to weight of the planet. But it seems obvious that all sources point in the same direction: the absolutely necessary connection between the individual inner and the general, ‘cosmic’ outer. Join Carl Abrahamsson as he talks about the background of the concept, its future and that of our own existence. Everything and everyone is linked!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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