Video Games as Sex Education

A scene from video game No Stars, Only Constellations

“There’s a strong case for integrating video games into sex ed, whether that’s supplementing sex ed classes with existing games that explore sex and sexuality, or developing new games for the purpose of sex education,” says Kellen Beck in Mashable. Games allow interactivity, discussion, and privacy, all of which can enhance learning about an intimate topic.

Nina Freeman,  indie game developer, adds, “Games are … actively having the player pull information instead of pushing it on them.” She also notes, “”Having [students] engage with the world in a way they’re more familiar with and feel more comfortable doing I’m sure makes a difference when you’re trying to get them to talk about issues that are really sensitive or maybe their parents haven’t talked to them about. I think giving them more of a private space to explore some of this stuff is definitely helpful.”

Video games should be used to teach sex ed


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