Vanity Fair Profiles An Exorcist at His Work

Jesus, Satan, angels, demons. The Goetia, Enochian Angels, The Peaceful and Wrathful Deities of Buddhism, Djinn, ancient Sumerian gods accessed by the rituals and recitations that appear in Simon’s Necronomicon… I dunno, if you “believe” in any of these I’m not sure I understand how you can discount the rest completely. You may question a particular group’s understanding of and relationship to the celestial or infernal hosts they claim as their own – but the latter’s “existence” all together?

Anyway, Vanity Fair’s (of all publications!) published an account of an active Roman Catholic exorcist’s life circumstances and working at his trade, as reported by William Friedkin, the director of the classic 70’s horror film The Exorcist.  No one’s expecting y’all to read this and be convinced of the Catholic cosmology – but it might appear that there’s something going on here that a mechanistic view of the universe doesn’t cover.  Here’s an excerpt:

“For this exorcism Father Amorth had granted me permission to attend and film it.

Father Amorth thumbed his nose at the demon within Rosa, and the exorcism began …

Father Amorth invited everyone to join him in saying the Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary. Then he invoked Saint Joseph, Padre Pio, Father Amantini, and the Blessed Virgin, asking for their protection.

Rosa’s head began to nod involuntarily. Her eyes rolled back, and she fell into a deep trance. Father Amorth spoke in Latin in a loud, clear voice, using the Roman ritual of Paul V, from 1614. He asked the Lord to set her free from demonic infestation. “EXORCIZO DEO IMMUNDISSIMUS SPIRITUS.” (I exorcize, O God, this unclean spirit.)

Rosa’s body began to throb, and she cried out, before falling back into a trance. Father Amorth placed his right hand over her heart. “INFER TIBI LIBERA.” (Set yourself free.)

She lost consciousness. “TIME SATANA INIMICI FIDEM.” (Be afraid of Satan and the enemies of faith.)

Without warning, Rosa began to thrash violently. The five male helpers had all they could do to hold her down. A foam formed at her lips.

“RECEDE IN NOMINI PATRIS!” (Leave in the name of the Father.) Rosa’s features slowly altered into a mask of despair, as her body continued to writhe. She was trying to rise and, clearly, to attack.

“SANCTISSIMO DOMINE MIGRA.” (Let him go, O God Almighty.) Rosa did not speak or understand Latin, but she thrust forward and screamed in Father Amorth’s face: “MAI!!” (Never!!)

A low buzzing sound began, like a swarm of bees, as the others in the room prayed quietly. “SPIRITO DEL SIGNORE. SPIRITO, SPIRITO SANCTO SANCTISSIMA TRINITA.” (God’s spirit, Holy Spirit, Holy Trinity. . . . Look after Rosa, O Lord, destroy this evil force so that Rosa might be well and do good for others. Keep evil away from her.)

Then Father Amorth called out the satanic cults, the superstition, the black magic that had possessed her. She reacted, growling, and screamed “MAAAAAAIIIIII!!!” The scream filled the room.

Another voice from deep within her shouted in his face: “DON’T TOUCH HER! DON’T EVER TOUCH HER!!” Her eyes were still closed. Father Amorth yelled, “CEDE! CEDE!” (Surrender!)

She reacted violently: “IO SONO SATANA.” (I am Satan.)

The buzzing continued. Rosa grew more defiant and agitated. The room was cold, but everyone was sweating.

Except Rosa.

“RECEDE ERGO NUNC!” (Leave her now.)


“Answer me!”


“How many demons are you?”

“Eighty legions!”

“IN NOMINE DEO QUANDO TU EXIS?” (In the name of God, when are you leaving?)


“She belongs to Jesus Christ!”


“Requie creatue Dei” (Rest, creature of God), Father Amorth said quietly…

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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