US Grand Lodge O.T.O. Amended Values and Vision Statements

US Grand Lodge has posted a new item, ‘Amended Values and Vision Statements’

“Last September, we made an announcement about the commencement of a new Strategic Planning cycle. To help lay the conceptual foundation for the new planning cycle, the Executive has voted to amend U.S.G.L.’s Vision and Values Statements to formally incorporate principles voiced in last August’s “Statement from the Supreme Grand Council.”The amendments are as follows:

“• Paragraph 6 has been added to the Vision Statement:

“6. We will manifest a culture that is comfortable with myriad expressions of the Self and rejects fear; attracting and retaining a diverse membership at every level and welcoming the participation of Thelemites of all sexes, genders, orientations, “races,” ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.

“• Paragraph 6 has been added to the Values Statement:

“6. We believe that a membership free from unfair discrimination is essential to accomplishing our Mission, and reject doctrines that promote bigotry, prejudice, and intolerance.

“The full statements can be viewed on our Mission and Planning Page.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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