Update on Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s Medical Condition

Here’s an update from Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s current medical condition, from her FB feed:

We have been meaning to update everyone on my illness. In April we had exploratory surgery. They cut a 6 inch incision between my ribs on my right side and forced thee ribs apart. Took samples ov tissue from my lungs and heart and inserted tubes to suck our thick viscous fluid that was reducing my lung capacity to around 35%.
We have never experienced such pain as after we woke from thee general anaesthetic!!! We were screaming as we came around. In thee I.C.U. we were on high doses ov Fentenyl and morphine, with lidocaine around my wounds. On a scale ov one to ten thee pain was still ELEVEN…

It took almost 3 months for thee wounds to heal butter left me with coum cool scars, and SADLY two ruptured breast implants leaking silicone  We don’t know if those were connected to thee surgery in any way. My leaking implants are problematic and need removing and replacing to remove one more negative stress on my system. Needless to say we have no funds for this surgery which might really help my breathing. If you really want to assist my coumtinuing stabilising of my condition this is a perfect momeant to add to my Go Fund Me set up by Chandra Shuckla. Thee leakage is most likely affecting my breathing.

Sadly all these months later my breathing is still severely reduced. Still around 35% ov my capacity. My heart has coum calcification, butter so far is still pumping quite well.

My weekly blood tests showed a gradual unwelcoum decline in my levels. So we have been put on intravenus chemo now. Originally it was 3 days chemo every 4-5 weeks. However my levels have not improved after 3 months so today we began a new regimen ov FIVE daze chemo every TWO weeks !!!

My closest friends like Roxy and Alice and Leigha and Jarrett have been taking turns minding me during thee chemo as we must have coumone watching over me 24×7 during those daze.

Our One True TOPI Tribe coumtinues to protect and nurture me. Which includes all ov you. Your loving support has been incredible. On darkest days we remember how my great dream ov an autonomous tribe that coalesces when needed from a place ov generosity. Thank you and my chosen famille.

Caresse and Genesse live 3000 miles away in California. Yet they too have made supreme efforts to be here caregiving when their lives allow it.

We have an oxygenator, thanks to thee GoFundMe. Which is thee only reason we can walk outside my apartment at all. Thank you all for this. It is LITERALLY a life saver. Despite having that, to walk to my corner store we have to walk very very slowly and pause 2 or 3 times to regulate my breathing enough to walk coum more. It’s only about 140 metres to thee store altogether. Believe me it really sucks to be tethered to a heavy machine and tube to be able to breathe most of every day.

Summarising. We are fighting to remain relatively stable. Coum ov my symptoms are still a “mystery” to quote my Drs. Any donations are desparately needed.We are hoping this might help my breathing.

On Lady Jaye’s Memorial Day, her TENTH ANNIVERSARY ov dropping her body. We send you all BIG L-ov-E and dreams.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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