Upcoming 2019 Publications Coming From Scarlet Imprint

The U.K.’s Scarlet Imprint publishing house has announced some of their upcoming 2019 publications:
“The Brazen Vessel
We are currently gathering our work into The Brazen Vessel, which will include most of our essays and presentations from 2008 up to our most recent work. It will be our first title of 2019, followed by:
Mystai: Dancing out the Mysteries of Dionysos
A new work from author Peter Mark Adams. Preserved by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79CE, the Villa of the Mysteries is a unique cultic record that has hitherto defied interpretation. The text presents a close examination of the ritual grammar and dynamics of the process of female initiation into the mysteries of Dionysus as depicted on the walls of the Villa of the Mysteries.
An Excellent Book of the Art of Magic: The Magical Works of Humphrey Gilbert and John Davis
The Excellent Booke and Visions – transcribed from British Library Additional manuscript 36674 – are edited and introduced by Phil Legard, with supplementary essays by Dr Alexander Cummins. The works are important documents of 16th century magical practice, preserving a detailed account of the making and the use of a grimoire. Practitioners may also be drawn to the relative simplicity of the rites contained within the Excellent Booke. Gilbert, and his scryer John Davis, reduced the complex rituals of necromancy to their essentials: the crystal stone, the scryer, the conjurations and the forceful imposition of the master’s will over the demons he seeks to constrain.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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