Understanding of the Folkwitch

UK publisher/bookseller Hadean Press is offering a title from their friends at Alkahest Press, WYRDWOOD: Essays Toward an Understanding of the Folkwitch by Eldred Wormwood. The posted description says:

Culled from the pages of the Skeptical Occultist this collection of essays gives form to the concept of the folkwitch. Listing the Tenets of the Folkwitch and outlining various approaches to spirit communication, landscape magic, entheogenic exploration, folklore field work and practical witchcraft. Including an extensive folkwitch bibliography.

“In its own awkward and fumbling way this is ultimately a book of the wyrd, that fateful force that guides us in directions we may find confusing and yet it takes us to places we have never imagined could be. To the heart of that forest we hold in our hearts, ancient and haunted, full of terror and knowledge – the Wyrdwood.”

purchase herein: https://www.hadeanpress.com/shop/wyrdwood

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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