UltraCulture’s Top 9 Occult Movies

The clever dicks at Ultraculture have posted a list of their Top 9 occult-themed movies plus 9 runners up and included links to either full films or trailers to illustrate ’em all. A lot these are pretty de rigeur like “Haexan,”

“Lucifer Rising,” and “The Wicker Man.” Some are reaches — “Eyes Wide Shut” included for its sequence where (male) members of a secret society particpate in a orgy with naked female hirelings. And then there’s some suprises like 1971’s “Simon King of Witches” and 1998’s “Ringu.” Interesting to note that the grand bulk of these films were made between 1971-73 a scant few years after Grady McMurtry reconstituted Ordo Templi Orientis, completing activiation of his Caliphate in 1969 and commenced performing the first initiations since the dissolution of Pasadena’s Agape Lodge. Coincidence? Mebbe!


And for occult film superfans, there’s now an official Lucifer Rising jacket available for purchase. You’ll definitely want this for your weekly trip to Walmart!


Lucifer Rising jacket

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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