Announcement about Grayle Press’s publication of a new book by Thelema, NOW! host Harper Feist!


Grayle Press is thrilled that IO TYPHON, Harper Feist ‘s astonishing collection of Hymns to the Antagonist, is nearly bound!

This gorgeous limited edition feels like a deluxe – each 6″x3″ book is quarterbound in pewter leather and wrapped in red linen, encased in a silver slipcase and foilstamped with a dragon alighting from the talented pen of Rowan E Cassidy .

OVER HALF of the 219 volumes have already sold.

These volumes track the shockingly candid journey of a sorceress at the height of her powers as she gains gnosis of the deicidal god of disruption, division, destruction, and revision. Let the old kingdoms burn that the new may rise in their place!

This graceful volume is the perfect companion piece to the first book in this new series, “Lioness: A New Hymn to Inanna.”

Link to purchase at Miskatonic Books below!


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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