Two New COIL-related book releases!

Thank you, Carl Abrahamsson for the heads-up!


Just recently, the French publisher Timeless dropped two very pleasant bombs on the market: a book of Peter ”Sleazy” Christopherson’s photography and one of John Balance’s paintings and other artwork, Bright Lights and Cats with no Mouths. This has been like manna from heaven for all Coil aficionados, and is a most welcome contribution to a generally Coil-starved world. And this just in time for Christmas when every decent person should spoil him- or herself (or me)!

I haven’t got the proper books yet but have flipped through the digital press-things. It all looks absolutely stunning and I’m convinced that the production and printing are up to normal Timeless standards, i.e. top of the line.

That Sleazy was a talented photographer we all know, and to see an assortment of his work/life in such an enticing way is just fantastic. There’s Coum, TG, PTV and of course Coil-related material, but also general portraits, boy snaps, street photography, Casualty Simulation and just plain old sleaziness.

Go get both these books. Now. Here.

Peter Seals

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