Tsherin Sherpa is a Tibetan artist who explores contemporary themes through his neo-traditional approach to Tibetan thangka painting. Born in Kathmandu, Nepal, he began studying thangka painting as a child under the tutelage of his father, Master Urgen Dorje, a renowned Tibetan thangka artist. In 1998, Sherpa moved to California, where he initially worked at a Buddhist center as a thangka artist and teacher. During this period, his introduction to the world of fine art led him to study art theory and art history, and to explore new works and mediums that are outside of traditional boundaries. Neocha spoke to Sherpa about his thoughts on art, culture, and Tibetan traditions in the modern world.

Tsherin Sherpa – Ang Tsher

Neocha: Can you tell us a bit about your creative process and technique? Where do you draw inspiration from?

Tsherin Sherpa: My recent works are very much inspired and informed by my own situation, as well as everything I experience around me. For example, the recent solo show I had in Hong Kong at Rossi & Rossi Gallery, titled Beautiful Decay, was inspired by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. As for my technique, I blend traditional thangka painting techniques with several other techniques using various materials, which I experiment with on a regular basis in my studio. I am actually inspired and influenced by many artists both from the past and present: Duchamp, Warhol, and Murakami, to name a few………


Two Spirits-3,

UFO (Unidentified Fettering Organization) No. 1 (2016)
Acrylic, ink and gold pen on cotton
39½ x 53 in

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you can visit Tsherin Sherpa artist site: HERE

Contemporizing Thangka Art

Barry William Hale

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