Topaz House Publishes “A Sorcerous Anthology” by Robert Smith!

Last month saw the publication by Topaz House of an anthology of the the writing of  19th century magician Robert Smith.  According to the Amazon description:

“Robert Cross Smith (1795-1832) was an astrologer, magician, and geomancer. Smith founded the periodicals, The Straggling Astrologer and The Familiar Astrologer, which published magical material as well as astrological advice. These writings dealt with topics as varied as alchemy, charms, the virtues of herbs and stones, invoking spirits into crystals, evoking demons, evoking spirits into circles, necromancy, invoking the fairy king Oberion, writings about fairies, geomancy, palmistry, physiognomy, divination by the ‘Wheel of Pythagoras,’ and Behmenist Theosophy.

A Sorcerous Anthology collects these writings, plus several pieces from Smith’s other publications, and presents them for the first time in one place. Certain of the writings have not been in print since the 1840s, and none have been presented without the other content of the magazines.

Divided into four parts, A Sorcerous Anthology contains sections on Divination, Low Magic, and High Magic, as well as a a selection on the history of astrology and the powers of the planets, Smith’s original introductions to the works, and an obituary and horoscope for Smith written by fellow astrologer “Zadkiel.” Smith’s life, writings, and place in the history of occultism is examined in the introduction to the volume.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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