Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Has Hip Replacement

Tool lead singer Maynard James Keenan announced via the Puscifer Twitter feed that he’s successfully completed and is currently recovering from hip replacement surgery. He Tweeted:

“Didn’t want to freak anyone out, wanted to wait until out of the woods. Years of foot stomping left me with no cushion in my right hip. Full replacement yesterday. Walking today. 12 weeks, back on the mat to work towards that Brown Belt. OSS. ‪#‎weshallovercome‬ ‪#‎bjjforlife‬ @teamvaghi @henrydynamixmma @chieflimao @carinaround”

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Earlier this year, Tool guitarist Andy Jones told Rolling Stone that the band had completed one track for a new album and that 10 more were in various stages of completion.  Their last album, 10,000 Days came out nearly 10 years ago. In the interim, much of the band members attention and energy has gone into a protracted, very expensive lawsuit with their insurers. Read the whole story here:

Here’s a video snippet featuring 15 seconds of new music from the band:


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