Today is National Chocolate Chip Day

a pile of chocolate chips

Today, Monday, May 15, is National Chocolate Chip Day. While this may not be an official Thelemic Holy Day, it’s fair to say that a good number of Thelemites enjoy concoctions made from Theobroma cacao seeds. Today, we celebrate the humble chocolate chip.

In 1937, Ruth Graves Wakefield of Whitman, Massachusetts, ran out of bakers’ chocolate for her cookies while working at the Toll House Inn. As a substitute, she added cut-up chunks of a semi-sweet Nestle chocolate bar to a cookie recipe. The cookies were a huge success, and in 1939 Wakefield signed an agreement with Nestle to add her recipe to the chocolate bar’s packaging. In exchange for the recipe, Wakefield received a lifetime supply of chocolate. The Nestle brand Toll House cookies were named for the Inn.

To celebrate today:

In Bradenton, Florida, Corwin’s Ice Cream and Smoothies is giving away a free chocolate chip cookie with each purchase between 11am and 9pm.

In the Nashville area, Christie Cookies is giving away free chocolate chip cookies at their Germantown bakery, while supplies last.

The day after James Comey was fired, his 9-year-old neighbor baked him cookies.

Here are 10 recipes to help you celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day.

Today is also the International Day of Families.

In case you don’t get enough today, August 4 is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.



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