Today is Ancestor Appreciation Day

A view from the catacombs below Westminster Hall in Baltimore, Maryland

A crushed coffin in the catacombs blow Westminster Hall in Baltimore, MarylandToday, September 27 is Ancestor Appreciation Day. With the popularity of DNA testing and genealogy websites these days, people in western society are more aware of their ancestors than before. But on a magical level, how does that affect you? Do you work with your ancestors?

Most adults have at least ancestor who passed during their lifetime. Honoring that ancestor can be a gateway to deeper and better magick. Different cultures have different traditions for working with the dead, and you’ll have to decide what resonates with you.

Want to know more? Glory of the Stars asks, “Do You Have Any Dead People?” Also helpful is The Dead Were Once the Living. If you’re looking to prepare an appropriate ancestral feast, Heirloom Recipes may have something for you.


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