Tobias Churton brings OZGNOSIS to Tasmanian Podcast


Ladies of the Liberal Club, painted by Aleister Crowley in May/June, 1918


So more Tasmanian Australian Thelemic ‘ OZGNOSIS’  from their NU Podcast HIEROS GAMOS!

Their second podcast they interview the Cognizant Illuminare Tobias Churton

And cover a much much more than his new book ‘Aleister Crowley in America’

From the Beast in Berlin, Barbelo, Sex and Gnosis, to Oxford, Art and Adolescence.

looking forward to seeing what the local OTO body between the Australian Mainland and the Antarctic has in store for us next time!



view Episode 2 – Tobias Churton here in:  ITUNES

or on Sound Cloud



here on STITCHER

Barry William Hale

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