Tim Fenby on China’s Last Communist Village

A scene from the Nanjie city website

A scene from the Nanjie city websiteVice interviews Australian photographer Tim Fenby about his experiences visiting Nanje, a town that still plays Maoist theme songs. “Over the last 30 years, most of China has increasingly embraced Western capitalism. But one town of 3,000 has firmly held onto the maoist model of China’s past. Once a successful egalitarian community, Nanjie increasingly became an unlikely communist icon and an example of how the system could continue to work. At first, the government funnelled money into the town to ensure it maintained the facade of a successful egalitarian model. But as the rest of the country absorbed more capitalist practices, Nanjie’s place shifted from being a symbol of success, to a time capsule and focal point of Maostalgia.”

China’s Last Communist Village.


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