Three Hands Press Announces Publication of “Effigy”

Three Hands Press has announced the November publication of Effigy: Of Graven Image and Holy Idol by author Martin Duffy and illustrator Raven Ebner. Effigy  is described on the publisher’s site thusly:

“From ancient times to the present, humanity has wielded a plenitude of formulae for the making and manipulation of magical images. In western esoteric traditions, where image magic is particularly deep rooted, the most prevalent motif is the poppet, that doll through whose agency the witch gains influence over the enfigured victim. Though such effigies popularly exact their curses by point of thorn and pin, image-magic includes far more than vengefulmaleficia, and is instead a complex sorcerous art which also includes healing, love, sexual power, fertility, protection, and magical knowledge. In its most exalted forms, the ensouled effigy serves as holy Icon. These divine images, lovingly carved by the priests of many faiths, make present the multitude of gods on earth, becoming also the focus of that form of veneration known as idolatry.

“Although often considered the preserve of magical and priestly adepts, great tradition attends also the making of poppets by common-folk, whether Christian or heathen, high or low-born. This folk knowledge was especially sought out in times of great desperation, the resultant manikins used to magically improve man’s lot and wreak revenge upon his oppressors.

“Effigy is an exhaustive compendium of image magic, viewed particularly through the lens of witchcraft, and the sorcery and folk magic of Britain. As a cartography of magical simulacra, it meticulously examines the broad range of magical effigy types, their materials and methods of construction, as well as the spells used to awaken and empower them. The whole is enriched by practical receipts drawn from the author’s personal notebooks, and arresting original images.

“Effigy is 560 pages, printed offset lithography on heavy uncoated stock, and illustrated in colour throughout. It is now available for pre-order in three editions”

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