Three Hands Press Announces Its Summer Publications and Second Volume of Wyrd

Three Hands Press,the publishing arm of the Cultus Sabbati announced a number of Summer publications as well as the second volume of WYRD, a journal of the archaic esoteric. Their site sez:

Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism by Daniel A. Schulke, a series of writings on the magical use of plants, and a portion of the philosophical basis of Schulke’s forthcoming The Green Mysteries. Having been announced in Spring 2016, the books have now arrived at Three Hands Press. Although the book was delayed in production, we took the opportunity to expand the book from its initially-anounced page count of 96 to 144, and several extra illustrations by artist Benjamin A. Vierling were also added. Both softcover and hardcover copies are now shipping for all pre-orders, and the deluxe edition will be shipped at the end of June. Although supplies of the hardcover are increasingly limited, copies are still available for purchase here. (

East Anglian Witches and Wizards by Michael Howard. In 2008 the British folklorist Michael Howard embarked on a five-book series for Three Hands Press called ‘Witchcraft in the British Isles.’ The whole sought to examine the most important regions of the Isles for witchcraft history and practice, beginning with the book Welsh Witches and Wizards. Mr. Howard sadly passed away in 2015, but at the time of his death the entire series had been completed. The fourth work in the series, East Anglian Witches and Wizards, has just been announced for pre-order ( . Given the success of the first three books, the entire series is being redesigned and all future editions of the works will be offered in softcover, hardcover with dust jacket, and deluxe leather with slipcase.

Sounds of Infinity by Lee Morgan. The linkage between the magic of the faerie faith and the malefic practices of witchcraft has often been assumed, but seldom written of with insight, grace and relevant scholarly research. In Sounds of Infinity, Lee’s groundbreaking new work, the author assumes a tripartite viewpoint of researcher, storyteller and magical practitioner, yielding three books within one on the marriage of Elphame and the witch’s art. Accompanied by the darkly captivating original drawings of artist Lily Collard, the work will be released in hardcover, paperbound, and limited deluxe editions. Soon to be announced for pre-order, a brief teaser of Lee’s new work can be read here ( .

The Spirit of the Downs by Martin Duffy. Effigy ( , Martin’s massive tome on image magic, has firmly established him as a contemporary occult authority on the subject. Martin’s latest work for Three Hands Press examines the magic and witchcraft of his native Sussex, and contains a vast collection of obscure and strange practices, spells and artifacts. Richly illustrated with photographs, many of them rare, the book is soon to be announced and will be available in softcover, limited edition hardcover, including a special leather edition.

Three Hands Press Announces WYRD Journal
In honor of the late Michael Howard and his long-running UK journal The Cauldron, Three Hands Press is proud to announce WYRD, a journal of the archaic esoteric. As a voice of contemporary occult study and art, it features a great diversity of contributors from the modern esoteric milieu. Along with full color artwork, Volume 1 includes the following articles:

Cody Dickerson – ‘Braucherei of Hexerei?’
Corinne Boyer – ‘Seeds and their Application on Folk Magic’
Rory Maclean – ‘All Abristle: An Exploration of the Wildman Archetype’
Robert Hull – ‘By Reflection: Imago Dei’
Daniel Schulke – ‘Sexual Aspects of Sabbatic Witchcraft’
Lee Morgan – ‘The Erosion of Cultural Memory and the Traditional Witchcraft Narrative’

The success of the new journal has propelled the second volume along on a swift trajectory toward its Autumn release.
Volume 2 will be released this September, and Volume 1 is still available at the WYRD website ( .

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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